HCI Project Fall 2014 | Group of 4 | Contribution: Ethnography, Ideation, Storyboard, Interactions, Usability Evaluation

SYNLAB: Active Pathways

Using active tangibles and interactive tabletops for collaborative modeling in systems biology

Active Pathways is a tangible tool that enables the collaborative practice of discovery and learning among novices in biochemical modeling. The project is integrated into the environment of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Georgia Tech, where the use of models combines learning with scientific discovery. We build on ethnographic research of the practice and problems in systems biology labs, where novice graduate students try to master a new area and immediately put their knowledge into practice to solve real problems. Using participatory and user-centered design methods, we design, develop, and evaluate tangible/embodied interactions that can facilitate collaborative modeling of biochemical processes by novice researchers. Our process engages students from systems biology research labs and introductory modeling courses. Our longer-term goal is to apply our research outcomes and use our system in research and education in biomedical engineering at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Contribution and Role

As a designer on the team, my role was to imagine multi-device interactions, task flow andVisual design.
Interaction Design: Designing Interactions for different devices used as active tokens (Sifteos, Smart watch) and fitting interface on tablet (Touch-based Information Visulaisation).
Visual Design: UI for active token screens (Sifteos, Smart watch) and Fitting interface on Tablet.

Interactions and UI design for Sifteo Cubes as active tokens

Sifteo Cubes are interactive gamimg platform developed by Sifteo. They offer some interesting interactions like shake, tilt and proximity. Using the interactions supported by Sifteos, tasks were designed for the Pathways like making a molecule/enzyme, making a reaction etc.

Interactions and UI design for Smartwatches as active tokens

Pathways tabletop system was upadated and Sifteo application was migrated onto android smart watch. The watch panel was mounted on a wooden assebly and used as active tokens. Follwing interactions and screens were designed for the system.

Interactions and UI design for pressure-based fitting interface for tablets (Ongoing)

The tabletop system was extended by a tablet handheld extension to be used as the fitting interface to understand and model the desirable fit. The interface is novel and supports 5-fingure pressure based interactions. Work on this interface is ongoing. Some of the earlier screens and interactions are shown here.