Multiple Projects | Computational Photography, Sonification, Interactive Installations and Games

Computational Media

These are multiple projects and explorations to combine "Art, Design and Technology". For a designer, giving form to abstract creations is mystical. There is always a learning curve while exploring new techniques or tools but the end-product is always worth those sleep-less frustrated nights when the code crashed or just refused to work! Enjoy!


Photo-Mosaics are images computationally created from a large corpus of images. Here, each pixel of input image is replaced by an image with the closest resemblance to the pixel. In essence, each pixel of the input image is replaced by another corpus image forming a mosaic.

Flutter: Twitter Poetry

Flutter is an interactive game simulation which computationally generates text aka “Flutter: Fluent-Utter” based on the “emotional score” of the player.
The player collect tweets pulled from Twitter having keywords:

  • I hate to...
  • I love to...
  • I believe in...
  • I fear...

The tweets are collected from randomly generated tweet pool containing equal number of tweets of each kind. The player gets 45 seconds to collect the tweets. The tweets collected undergo the computational transformation based on “Markov-Chain” and “Flutter” is generated. Player can generate multiple flutters with the tweets earned.

Kung-Fu Panda: Sonified!

This was an exploration in Computational music. Movie barcode (each frame of the movie depicted as a line) of the movie Kung Fu Panda was taken, processed and mapped to different sounds to generate a sonfied musical of the movie. The mapping was based on the progression of the movie and its plot.

Interactive Scenes - using Kinect

The installation tries to capture the movements of the user and translate those movements into a pre-designed character on the screen. The installation uses Kinect for detecting user movements and translating the motion data using Processing.

Simply Complicated - A game!

Simply complicated is a game about "Long Distance Realtionships". The game works on the idea of healthy relationships and what dilemma a person faces making any relationship be it family, love or friends. I started with the idea to design a game around ‘Long Distance Relationships’ but generalized it to extend a step further to incorporate the idea of keeping a happy and healthy relationship.