Ride Sharing App | Group of 3 | Contribution: Competitive Analysis, Information Hierarchy, Concept Design, Storyboarding, Motion Graphics


Share your Fare

Cabage ia a web-based application which allows students of IIT Guwahati share taxi to airport or railway staions. The application enables them to interact with other students who have the same destination, and share a taxi with them instead of travelling alone, thereby providing an economical, social and eco-friendly system of cab-sharing.

User Study and Competetive analysis

Based on Literature Study we found that major factors affecting car-pooling were : 
Demographics, Space, motivation, household mobility, work schedule, commute pattern and commute distance.
We conducted semi-structured interviews to know more about user behavior, expectations and motivations in relation to travelling and car-pooling. One of the major take-away was tht the application should web-based and not mobile based since users were active online on their laptops for avg. 4-5 hours everyday. After analyzing the user needs and demands, we looked at existing solution  and the pros and cons in their architecture, design, task flows etc.

Task Flow and Mockups

Based on the insights drawn from the user study, we conceptualised the task-flow for the application and designed the wireframes. The designs made sure that user could access the information in minimum number of steps without compromising the privacy and security of the user information.


Along with the application design, we also designed braninding material for it which included posters, flyers, brand identity and a promotional video.

Video: Methodology and Storyboard

The video was made keeping the branding of application in mind along with a little entertainment so that the viewer remainsed engaged throughout. Before working on the storyline, first a concept and style of the video was brainstormed. References were taken from the viral animated videos of products and services like google, etc.
Following methodology has been followed to publish the video:
~Research and study of different concepts and video styles.
~Formulating a storyline for the video.
~Storyboards and animatics including soundtracks and voice-overs.
~Render of the final output.

The story involves two characters designed taking inspiration form the characters of South-Park. The story board was based on a use case for the application.The video uses simple 2D animations and motion graphics. To aid better understanding, a voice-over has been introduced along with the backgroung score.

Video Duration: 1:01:12
Frames per second: 24 fps
Resolution: 1920 X 1080 HD